The dawn of ‘The Alternative Accountants’

So, as I’m sure some of you are aware, we’ve just gone through a re-brand. Complete with shiny new logo and website and most importantly, a name change (eek scary!) I’ve spent the last two years lovingly building up LLP Finance Services, only to realise that the name doesn’t reflect who I am or what I’ve been trying to achieve.

Therefore, drum role please ladies and gentlemen...

I would like to officially welcome you all to The Alternative Accountants

The Alternative Accountants


From speaking with a lot of my clients, it seems the impression of Chartered Accountants is still that of stuffy old dudes in suits.  Translated, this seems to mean that business owners, start up or existing, seem to find accountants unapproachable and difficult to talk to.  That’s not how I want to do things, I want my clients to feel comfortable enough to call me if they need something and to get a response that they can understand.  To get a service that is all year round and works for your business.

One of the single most important things you can do when starting with any new venture is speak to an accountant, and so many people don’t.  We can help you in so many ways which, if done right, will actually give you a better chance at succeeding.

That’s really what I want to achieve with the alternative accountants, some one who will make a positive impact on your business and doesn’t just go through the motions each year.  

Welcome everyone to an alternative way of doing things!

Now, go and have a look around the shiny new website, with the shiny new logo and let me know what you think!